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Our History

 Fidea Kobayashi, a resident of the town of Iizuna in Nagano Prefecture, was born in Songea, a town in the south of Tanzania. She is married to a Japan International Cooperation Agency volunteer who had been assigned to Zanzibar in 1996 and later came to Japan. As she learned about Japan's affluence, she aspired to use her status to help children in poverty and destitution in her homeland of Tanzania.

 Fidea's support activities in Japan began with revenue from individual-based activities, such as paid lectures and events, financial support obtained from fund-raising activities, donated clothing, daily necessities, stationery and other supplies. Her circle of support has gradually expanded since, with proceeds gathered from recycling activities at schools where the lectures are given and from supporters holding charity concerts.

 In April 2010, the NPO "Mwangaza Foundation" was established with the aim of organizing to continue stable support for orphans in Tanzania. This effort was led by friends and colleagues who have supported Fidea in her mission.

Mwangaza means “light” in Swahili

Our Mission

Based on the sympathy and support from Fidea for the orphans in Tanzania, we value all partnerships with the local people, and the allowing all of the children to live equally, aiming for the future, without losing sight of the light of hope.


Our Vision

We will support the construction of orphanages for the ever-increasing number of AIDS orphans and children without relatives in Tanzania, and the operation and maintenance of these orphanages. We will continue to support orphans to grow into productive adults who have the physical strength and motivation, academic ability and employment skills to be able to become independent without relying on assistance.

Through activities to deepen mutual understanding between Japan and Africa, we will provide opportunities to review our way of life and society in relation to human rights protection and environmental protection.


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